From the Harvard Business Review

If past trends around employee perks and current food service standards in our nation’s universities and most innovative companies are an indicator; there will be great competitive advantages to providing nutritious quality options when trying to recruit the best team members and create a conscious culture in businesses.

Bon Appetit’s Fedele Bauccio comments on the Harvard Business Review blog…

You Are What Your Employees Eat

“When I started out in the food service business over four decades ago, corporate food was largely cafeteria-style dreck. But today, food is playing a role far beyond just keeping employees fed and sustained. What once was a distraction has become a great way of integrating work and life. In my work supplying food for some of the most innovative companies, I’ve found that making food – and great food experiences – part of everyday office life can make employees happier and more productive.”

Read more on Harvard Business Review from Bon Appetit’s Fedele Bauccio here!


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