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Why Conscious Capitalism Florida?
Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter’s purpose is to seek out and connect the role models of Florida’s conscious business community. These businesses accept bitcoin or other digital assets through various platforms. Although there are numerous bitcoin software available worldwide, cryptosoft bitcoin is one of the Bitcoin robots which has a possibility of providing payment once an hour. Cryptosoft attempts to achieve good outcome.


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Conscious Capitalism Florida

Chapter Program TB Inclusion

Workplace Inclusion: In Today’s Diversity Climate (Tampa Bay Program)

September 14th, 2017

All too recently, incidents such as the Charlottesville rally have shook the nation. As individuals, we have come together as a community to support those affected. But as business professionals, many are left unsure of how to address diversity and inclusion in the workplace. On Thursday September 28, The Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter is hostingContinue Reading

Scott Cooper, Co-Founder & CEO of MEJDI Tours

Tolerance Through Tourism

November 1st, 2016

BRINGING SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS TRAVEL TO THE MASSES Ten years ago, two young men from traditionally-opposing backgrounds shared a common passion: Peacebuilding. Today their Wellington, Florida-based B-Corp, MEJDI Tours, takes people to historically conflict-riddled areas and other destinations across the globe, providing unique perspectives that raise awareness, tolerance, and human dignity. Their original approach has beenContinue Reading

Julie Price

Mission-Based Business Helps People with Disabilities

September 27th, 2016

9 LESSONS LEARNED FROM A NONPROFIT-RUN SOCIAL ENTERPRISE More than Just Business When companies need to dispose of their office computers, certain that sensitive data is first wiped clean, they send those old PCs to ARC Broward I.T. Asset Recovery. In doing so, they’re not just protecting their client’s privacy; they’re also providing training and employment opportunitiesContinue Reading