What is Conscious Capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism builds on the foundations of Capitalism - voluntary exchange, entrepreneurship, competition, freedom to trade and the rule of law. These are essential to a healthy functioning economy, as are other elements of Conscious Capitalism including trust, compassion, collaboration and value creation.

“Capitalism is the most successful form of human social cooperation ever created.”

Ed Freeman, originator of the Stakeholder Management
Theory, trustee, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

“Conscious Capitalism is a more complex form of Capitalism, that reflects and leverages the interdependent nature of life and all of the stakeholders in a business.”

John Mackey, co-founder & co-CEO, Whole Foods
Market, trustee, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

“Practicing Conscious Capitalism enriches your life and the lives of people you do business with. And it’s without a doubt, the most fun, enduring and profitable way to build a sustainable business.”

Kip Tindell, Chairman & CEO, The Container Store,
trustee, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. offers transformative thinking, programs, events, and communities of inquiry designed to support the elevation of humanity through the application of the principles of Conscious Capitalism.

What is Conscious Business?