The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism

April 10th, 2014

EscalatorToHeaven-600The Big Idea in 336 Words

We’ve never experienced a more demanding, fast-paced and complex leadership environment.

To thrive as an organization in the 21st-century marketplace — and execute on the vision of Conscious Capitalism® — requires unprecedented leadership capacity and delivery. Most leaders are in over their heads in the face of today’s challenges, unable to adapt and evolve quickly enough. Many are failing as a result.

This white paper first discusses the new science of vertical learning and its central role in scaling and embedding Conscious Capitalism. Harvard’s Robert Kegan contends that vertical learning catalyzes a quantum increase in mental complexity. This radically improves a leader’s ability to navigate today’s highly complex, ambiguous, and rapidly changing context, and cascade those new skills into the entire organization.

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